Selected Bibliography

3 responses to “Selected Bibliography

  1. Johannes Fabian, Time and the Other is a must-read anthropological classic critiquing the way that European and EuroAmerican researchers have created a distorting dichotomy between Western progress and non-Western ‘timeless’ cultures

  2. As for what I’m reading right at the minute, that would be:

    Fowler, Chris
    Dynamic Assemblages, or the Past is What endures: Change and the Duration of Relations. Pp. 235-56.
    2013 In Archaeology after Interpretation: Returning Materials to Archaeological Theory, edited by Benjamin Alberti, Andrew Meirion Jones, and Joshua Pollard. Left Coast Press.

  3. Highly relevant reading:
    Karen Barad’s essay in Derrida Today: Nov 2010, Vol. 3, No. 2 : pp. 240-268
    Quantum Entanglements and Hauntological Relations of Inheritance: Dis/continuities, SpaceTime Enfoldings, and Justice-to-Come

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